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Field Market Research

The Brief: MillerCoors hired B&B Research to conduct an interview administered survey with 50% male and 50% female customers that are 21-59 years of age and who purchased their product category. The survey was to see how successful their “Pints and Plates” campaign could be.

The Work: B&B Research was able to recruit participants, inside the store, and interview them with administered tablets. Ad materials and shelf talkers were strategically placed throughout the store in order to assist the interview. After each shift ended, data was transferred from the hand held tablets to the client for reporting.

The Success: B&B was able to acquire the necessary amount of participants and collect detailed feedback from the study. The “Pints and Plates” research generated buzz on how you are able to pair flavored beer with different types of food.

Focus Groups

The Brief: A highly ranked Fortune 500 Supermarket was seeking a Research Company to recruit participants, coordinate an offsite location, and video record a 3 session focus group. B&B Research was hired by the Supermarket’s marketing division, so that they could get feedback from 3 different demographics using a newly developed section of their store.

The Work: B&B Research was able to recruit 30 focus group participants, via telephone, that fit a specific screener. B&B located and reserved an offsite location to hold the participants in the focus group which could be viewed on a flat screen monitor by representatives of the Supermarket’s marketing division. Food and refreshments were locally catered and served to participants and company representatives. AV equipment was used to record the focus group as well as send a live feed for viewing purposes. After the focus group was conducted, the digital recordings of the focus groups were put on a DVD and sent both to the client and the moderator.

The Success: The Supermarket was able to gain valuable insight from the recruited focus groups, view the discussions live from a different room, and receive a DVD copy of the discussions for future use.

Mall Intercepts

The Brief: A notable prepackaged bread company hired B&B Research to conduct a Mall Intercept study in order to test a new product idea. The study involved recruiting participants, with preset screener demographics, via the phone and random one-on-one mall interview recruits.

The Work: B&B Research was able to recruit participants, via telephone and inside the mall, to participate in a bread product testing. After passing an initial screener, participants were scheduled to go to the interviewing facility inside the mall (B&B’s Eastgate Mall Office) to test the product and answer questions online. B&B provided the office and specific products for testing. Spreadsheets and reports were generated and sent to the client to transmit necessary data back and forth.

The Success: B&B was able to acquire the necessary amount of telephone recruits as well as passerby inside the mall in order to assess consumers’ likes, dislikes, preferences, intent to purchase and other factors.