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Reliable and Knowledgable Data Collection

Founded in 1959, B&B Research is one of the oldest-operating data-collection firms in the United States. The Moler family purchased the business in 1970 from the original owners, and in 2005, B&B was acquired by a seasoned marketing and research professional. Today, the company operates as an independent firm, but is associated with the resources of a group of companies that specialize in analytics, advertising, direct marketing, media and public relations.

B&B Research performs a broad array of market research services for a well-established customer base, including phone interviews with client customers, product surveys and taste testing, product placement, rack merchandising, product audits, and more.

Our reputation as a provider of accurate, reliable data-and as an expert at gathering information in the field-is unmatched in the industry. Contact us today to learn why many of our clients have relied on B&B Research for decades.

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